Trump’s Muslim beating video turns out to be white Dutchman

Trump’s Muslim beating video turns out to be white Dutchman


According to Daily Mail, President Trump retweeted three videos that showed a bad image of Muslims, which were initially posted by far-right Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

A video that surfaced on the internet showed a Muslim migrant attacking a boy—which was also recently retweeted by US President Donald Trump— was declared to be fake news by police in Netherlands.

A spokesperson clarified that the attacker in the video was a Dutch national and not an immigrant. The video was six months old and was shot in Monnickendam, Amsterdam.
The Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf quoted sources saying the perpetrator is ‘not a Muslim, let alone a migrant, but just a Dutchman.’

Trump also posted footage of a Muslim man ‘destroying a statue of Mary’ and a video apparently showing an Islamist mob pushing a teenage boy off a roof and beating him to death.

These videos were originally posted back in 2012.

Trump has continuously been criticised by many over his posts, and it is clear that Trump is continuously trying to malign the Muslim image.

Trump’s posts have caused an outrage in the United Kingdom and a number of members of the parliament have said they want to see his invitation to visit the country next year rescinded. However, British Prime Minister Theresa May has said the visit will go on.

‘That is what the president is talking about, that is what the president is focused on dealing with, those real threats and those are real no matter how you look at it.’

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