Turkey protests the attack on several mosques in Germany

Turkey protests the attack on several mosques in Germany


The Turkish Foreign Ministry on Monday (12.03.2018) summoned the ambassador of Germany to deliver a note of protest against the attack on several mosques managed by Turkish associations on German soil.

“From here we tell the German government that it is their duty to identify the guilty, stop them, bring them to justice and impose the punishment they deserve,” Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag told a news conference. “Our Foreign Ministry today quoted the German ambassador in Ankara, he has been given a warning and given a note in hand, and Turkey will follow this issue closely,” the deputy prime minister added.

He also regretted that “until today a large part of the attacks perpetrated against Turks (in Germany) have not been clarified”.

Bozdag referred to the attack with molotov cocktails perpetrated last Friday by several strangers against a mosque in the small southern city of Lauffen and to the fire caused in another temple, in Berlin, on Saturday night. The latter was managed by an entity that brings together the Turkish Islamic associations of Germany.

In addition, this Sunday there was another attack with incendiary devices against a Turkish-German friendship association in the town of Meschede, in the west of the country.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday condemning the attacks and recalled that the Lauffen was claimed on the Internet by supporters of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Turkish Kurdish guerrilla.

“This organization has once again shown its true face, we reiterate our warnings against the tolerance shown towards the PKK,” concludes the Foreign Ministry statement. (efe)

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