TV Channels ‘Blatantly Exploited’ Freedom Of Speech, Says Information Minister


Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb on Sunday said that while the government supports freedom of speech, it has been “blatantly exploited” by the media houses recently.

Addressing a meeting of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) in Karachi on Sunday afternoon, she said freedom of speech is “relative”.

“What is free speech for me may not be free speech for you,” she told the members of the audience.

“Similarly, the one who is being written about may not perceive freedom of speech the same way,” she added, saying media houses should practice freedom of expression responsibly by offering constructive criticism and taking matters of national interest into consideration.

“People are also growing weary of sensationalised news,” the minister added.

Aurangzeb further said the information department is working on drafting a policy to revive national heritage and facilitate film industry.

“Film is a great medium to introduce the counter-narrative,” she said, adding it is via films and education curriculum that “national pride” can be instilled in the coming generations.

“We are working to open the national heritage sites so that films can be shot there and citizens can learn about Pakistan,” the minister added, saying young filmmakers have passion and want to talk about social issues, and that they should be encouraged.

To a question, Aurangzeb said that the Ministry of Interior will issue a notification regarding the investigation related to the Dawn story.

Courtesy: Dawn

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