Twitter doubles the limit of your messages to 280 characters


It will not apply to users who write in Japanese, Korean and Chinese. The company explained that in these languages there are no problems of other languages to condense ideas with few signs.

Twitter announced this Tuesday (07,11,2017) that it will apply to all its users the limit of 280 characters per message. In this way the company extends the original extension of 140 spaces that had characterized since its inception to this social network.

This decision comes after Twitter launched a reduced experiment in September to extend the limit to 280 characters.

The extension will not apply to users who write in Japanese, Korean and Chinese, who will continue to have a limit of 140 characters. The explanation is that by the nature of these languages there are no problems of other languages to condense their ideas with few signs.

Twitter has been fighting for years with a moderate growth of users and negative figures. The last quarter, the number of active users at least once in the month grew by four million to 330 million. Facebook, one of its rivals in the fight for online advertising, has more than 2 billion active users.

Trial period

The head of Twitter product, Aliza Rosen, explained in an official statement that the objective of that September test was to analyze if it was feasible to make this increase compatible with the preservation of the speed and brevity characteristic of its messages.

The company remembers that 5.3% of the tweets in Spanish and 9% in English reached the limit of 140 characters, which reflected the “challenge” of compressing a thought into an activity that “often” required investing “a lot”. time “to edit.

With the extension of characters, the percentage has decreased “enormously” by reducing it to 0.8% in Spanish and 1% in English.

In addition, tweets reach the limit of characters less frequently, which shows, in the opinion of the company, that with the extension users “can express what they want better and send tweets faster than before”, with greater ease and more often.

Those responsible for the social network recognized that during the first days of the experiment “many people tweeted reaching the total limit of 280 characters because it was the novelty”, but they assured that the behavior was normalized shortly afterwards.

During the term of the experiment, only 5% of the total number of tweets exceeded 140 characters and only 2% exceeded 190.

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