Two killed as police recovered a 5-year-old minor

Two killed as police recovered a 5-year-old minor


KARACHI: Police claimed on Tuesday to have recovered an abducted minor after an exchange of fire in Karachi which left two suspects dead.

The five-year-old was on his way to school with his parents when he was abducted by two men in a vehicle as another two demanded ransom. One member of the gang surveyed the area as talks continued.

The men initially demanded a Rs170 million ransom. They reduced the figure to Rs70 million as talks progressed. Policemen conducting snap traffic checks in the area intercepted the vehicle the men were travelling in as the incident transpired. Two suspects were killed in the ensuing exchange of fire.

In February, an eight-year-old girl was recovered by Sindh Police six days after being abducted. Police also claimed to have arrested two suspects allegedly involved in the abduction. Fida Hussain, the father of the girl, had registered a complaint with Boat Basin police station on January 25 on the abduction of his daughter.

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