Two men injured in Karachi for putting up resistance to robbers


KARACHI: Two brothers were shot and injured by robbers near Hassan Square area of Karachi on late Thursday night in what appeared to be a mugging gone wrong, eye witnesses told media.

The injured have been identified as Ismail and Sohail who were shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for medical treatment.

According to eyewitnesses’ account, the robbers were chasing the car in which both brothers – Ismail and Sohail – were travelling when it met an accident near Hassan Square before a gun battle.

The motorist also fired back bullets on the robbers, who were on motorcycle, while putting up resistance to the robbers after their car met an accident, said an eyewitness.

Police officials have launched an investigation into the actual cause of firing incident, besides figuring out whether it was a personal enmity or botched robbery attempt.

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