Two US Voter Databases Attacked By Russian Hackers

Two US Voter Databases Attacked By Russian Hackers


Attempts have been made to breach two US voter registration databases, by Russian hackers. This particular hacking attempt made by the Russian hackers explains their efforts to cause trouble to November’s Presidential Election in the US, this year.

Following the incident, a ‘flash alert’ was sent to the election officials this month by the FBI, to keep an eye out for cyber-attacks of the sorts.

As the news was first reported by Yahoo News, the FBI alert did not mention Russia; however, the authorities blame the Russian spy agencies for making this hacking attempt to undermine the US elections.

According to an anonymous official, “This is the closest we’ve come to tying a recent hack to the Russian government. There is serious concern.” Also the official assumed that Moscow is seeking for an opportunity to create uncertainty in the election process.

The FBI flash alert did not mention the states that were targeted; Yahoo News officials, quoting the officials, said that the targeted states were Illinois and Arizona.

Last month, Illinois officials had to shut down their voter registration after being hacked. The state officials, on Monday, revealed that the hackers stole the data from as many as 200,000 voter records. Whilst, in Arizona, the hackers tried to breach the voter registration system, with the help of a malicious software, but their effort turned out to be unsuccessful.

The voter registration system was shut down by the state government, for nine days, after finding the malware on the election official’s computer. The attacked system, however, could not be successfully bargained.

The Department of Homeland Security had been warned of the cyber threats the election related network has; the hackers, however, still managed to carry out a series of cyber-attacks against the US media, where the renowned New York Times was victimized.

The US officials say that the Russian intelligence agencies were responsible for the recent hacks into Democratic Party organizations, including the campaign of its White House candidate Hillary Clinton.

Another hacking attempt was made when an embarrassing escape of emails, revealing how party leaders made efforts to weaken Bernie Sanders, who was Hilary Clinton’s Democratic rival; which further led the situation to his resignation. Linking the previous events that were intended to cause problems in the Presidential Elections, the experts have assumed that for this, Russian Intelligence agencies, are to be blamed.

Previous week, a minority leader Harry Reid, questioned the FBI to examine the proofs signifying that Russia is trying hard to take control of the voting results, concerning that there might be a link between the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Russian Government.


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