UNICEF: four out of every five newborns die from poverty

UNICEF: four out of every five newborns die from poverty


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned in its report today, Tuesday (20.02.2018) about the “alarming” risks that run the lives of newborn children in the poorest countries and most affected by conflicts in the world. world.

2.6 million newborns worldwide died at the end of their first month of life, and seven thousand newborns die every day.

A baby born in Pakistan faces one out of every 22 death chances, while a newborn in Japan suffers only one out of every 1,111 risks of dying.

Mothers with their children in Guinea Bissau.Mothers with their children in Guinea Bissau.

Pakistan, the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Somalia and Lesotho are among the nations most affected by this phenomenon. At the other extreme, Japan, Iceland, Singapore, Finland and Estonia offer the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, 52 percent of deaths of children under 5 years of age occur in the first 28 days, and in 2016 almost 100,000 babies died before the first month of life, according to a global report. of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Haiti appears as the country with the highest mortality rate in the region, with 1 death for every 41 newborns, followed by Dominica (1 in 42), Guyana (1 in 50) and Bolivia (1 in 53). .

According to UNICEF, Cuba has the lowest neonatal mortality in Latin America.According to UNICEF, Cuba has the lowest neonatal mortality in Latin America.

In the antipodes, Cuba is the country with the lowest neonatal mortality rate with 1 death for every 417 newborns, followed by Antigua and Barbuda (1 in 264), Uruguay (1 in 200), Chile (1 in each). 186) and Costa Rica (1 out of 176).

Most of the differences regarding neonatal mortality in Latin America and the Caribbean are related to the wealth and education of the mother, for which UNICEF considers it necessary to increase access to health services and the quality of medical care to improve Neonatal survival rates.

Newborn deaths due to preventable causes

Although in the last quarter of a century the number of deaths among children under the age of five was reduced by half, it was not possible to advance in the same way in the reduction of deaths among newborns less than a month old, explained Henrietta Fore, executive director of UNICEF (United Nations Fund for Children).

“Given that many of these deaths are preventable, we are clearly failing the poorest babies in the world,” he added.

In this sense, the report points out that babies are not dying mostly due to medical complications, but because their families are too poor or too marginal to access health care.

In response to this problem, UNICEF launched the “Every Child ALIVE” campaign, which calls on governments, the private sector and individuals to increase access to newborn health.

“Every year 2.6 million newborns in the world do not survive beyond the first month of life,” Fore stressed.

“Just a few small steps from each of us can help ensure the first steps of these young lives,” he said.

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