US, India to Discuss Future Business Plans, and Tensions With Pakistan

US, India to Discuss Future Business Plans, and Tensions With Pakistan


US Secretary of State John Kerry and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, during their visit to India, will discuss with the Indian government the matter to give the business ties between the countries a growth, also the US delegates will encourage India to have a dialogue with its 70-year-old neighbor, regarding the situation of the disputed Himalayan region.

On Monday, John Kerry arrived in New Delhi, to take the discussion of the annual US-India Strategic Commercial Dialogue, after stopping in Bangladesh for a day to discuss the increased number of militant attacks. After arriving on Monday night, John Kerry will commence the tasks that are meant for his visit to India, from Tuesday, August 30th, where talks regarding the Indian-Held Kashmir and distresses over the Afghan region will be discussed with the Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval, and also a meeting will take place between the US delegates and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday.

The situation in Kashmir has worsened over time as dozens of people have lost their lives in violent protests that have taken over the occupied Kashmir by storm, since July 8. The violent protests broke out as the Indian security forces killed a field commander of Pakistan-based militant group, who enjoyed his extensive support in the Muslim majority region. During his speech on the occasion of the Indian Independence Day, Modi said it in his speech that India would never bow before the terrorism and alleged Pakistan of glorifying each time a terrorism activity happens in the region.

India’s role regarding the Kashmir matter is very questionable, as it’s always ready to accuse Pakistan and also ready to take strong military action against the Kashmiri separatists, but on the other hand, it rejects having any talks with Pakistan regarding the future of the Seized-Kashmir. India also alleges Pakistan of being the source terrorism in their country – something which Pakistan firmly denies.

According to a senior State Department Official, John Kerry will encourage India to have a dialogue with Pakistan. “We have a long standing policy of encouraging and advocating for a greater dialogue between the two countries on addressing areas of difference, and that continues to be our position.” Further, the official added, “But we have also underscored that combating terrorism is a high priority for the United States in its bilateral relations with all of the countries in the region.”

The current situation in Afghanistan will also be discussed, that has a closer tie with India; which puts Pakistan in a fear of being compressed between the two unfriendly neighbors. India has provided Afghanistan with over $2 billion, in the last 15 years and says that it will continue to provide Afghanistan with more weapons.

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