The US Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as ‘Secretary of State’

The US Senate confirms Mike Pompeo as ‘Secretary of State’


WASHINGTON: On Thursday The US Senate voted to approve former CIA dir­ector Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, after a bruising battle by Democrats against President Donald Trump’s nominee.

Pompeo, who earned Trump’s confidence a year later at the CIA, was accused by Democrats as being too bellicose and harboring anti-Muslim and homophobic sentiments.

But after barely getting the nomination past the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Pompeo was easily confirmed by the entire body in a vote of 57-42, with a handful of Democratic senators facing tough re-election battles voting in favor.

The approval came in time for Pompeo to lead the US delegation to Nato foreign minister talks in Brussels this weekend and to arrange a summit between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the coming months.

Pompeo replaces Rex Tillerson, the former oil executive Trump fired in March after a year of tensions and turmoil in the State Department, where he estranged much of his staff and left the body deeply demoralized.

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