USA will maintain its operation in Syria until defeating the Islamic State

USA will maintain its operation in Syria until defeating the Islamic State


The US Army will maintain its operation in Syria, said the White House on Wednesday (04.04.2018), after President Donald Trump speculated recently on a forthcoming total withdrawal of troops. 

Washington remains committed to the ever closer goal of defeating the Islamic State militia, he said in a statement.

The mission is fast approaching its end and the IS is almost “completely destroyed,” adds the White House, which does not cite a date for the withdrawal of the troops. “We will continue to consult with our allies and friends in the face of future plans,” the statement said. 

Trump surprised last week by announcing unexpectedly that the US military would leave Syria. “Sometimes it’s time to go home,” he said Tuesday, and said a decision would be made very soon. 

“I want to bring our soldiers home”

On Tuesday, Trump said there are countries that want the United States to stay in Syria, citing Saudi Arabia as an example. “But then they must pay for it,” he said. “I want to bring our soldiers home,” he said and said it was more important to rebuild their own country.

The president then said that the United States invested seven trillion in the Near East. “And we saw nothing but death and destruction,” he added. 

The mission in Syria of the United States is not destined to pacify the country, but to fight against terrorism. The Pentagon has deployed about 2,000 soldiers currently in Syria, a country plunged into civil war for seven years.

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