Almost Half The World Will Be Online By End Of 2016; Report Shows

Published on November 24, 2016 by Admin1

Comprehensively, 47pc of the total populace is on the web. Around 3.9 billion individuals, in the greater part the total population, are definitely not. ITU anticipates that 3.5bn individuals will be online before the current year’s over.

“In 2016, people no longer go online, they are online. The spread of 3G and 4G networks across the world had brought the internet to more and more people,” the report said.

Telecoms and web organizations are extending as more reasonable cell phones urge purchasers to peruse the web, making request develop for information substantial administrations. In any case, less-created nations ─ LDCs ─ still trail whatever remains of the world.

“Internet penetration levels in LDCs today have reached the level enjoyed by developed countries in 1998, suggesting that the LDCs are lagging nearly 20 years behind the developed countries,” the report said.

It blamed the cost of services and of extending infrastructure to rural and remote customers and the high price of mobile cellular use.


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