Has Careem Launched A Rickshaw Service In Karachi?

Published on November 28, 2016 by Admin1

Has the ride-hailing app Careem launched a rickshaw service in Karachi? Well, it seems like it. Careem now has the rickshaw ride option on its app, which is something that wasn’t seen before.

Reports have circulated across the social media that a rickshaw ride service may also be including besides the cab hailing option.

On Monday, a few got an update in the App, after which they could see a rickshaw option among other ride options available ─ Wifi Cars, Business, and Economy.



Careem has developed the Rickshaw hailing option just a few days after its rival company Uber launched its rickshaw-hailing service UberAUTO, in Karachi.

Upon being contacted, the Careem officials, declined to comment on the matter at this time. Also, the company hasn’t announced any news regarding the matter, whatsoever. Careem entered the Pakistani market last year, launching its services in Karachi, Lahore and later Islamabad.

It took Uber and Careem, only a few months from their launch, to become most favoured modes of intracity travel, preferred by thousands of Pakistanis living in the urban areas, especially women.


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