PBA Will Not Give Content To PEMRA’s DTH Licensees: Chairman

Published on November 23, 2016 by Admin1

After successful talks with the Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA), cable operators have called off their countrywide strike on Tuesday, with a warning for PEMRA that the broadcasters will keep their channels from broadcasting by DTH licenses if the authority fails to meet their needs.

Speaking at a news conference following talks with PBA, the chairman of Pakistan Cable Operators Association, Khalid Arain and Imran Abidi castigated PEMRA for carrying out hasty attempts to put the DTH licenses on sale, adding further that effective measures to put the use of illegal DTH services to a halt had not been taken. They further added that Pakistan’s cable industry has already been harmed because of the illegal DTH services and if the government continued to launch its own DTH services, than the cable operators will have to suffer a twohold.

Mehmood, meanwhile, said a committee comprising cable operators and PBA members has been formed to hold talks with Pemra. He warned that unless the reservations of broadcasters and cable operators are addressed, PBA will not give any content to Pemra’s DTH licensees.

Mehmood has expressed hope that the government will show seriousness on this grave issue and assured his full cooperation in case of retributive actions. He said that both the organizations will try to solve the issue in a legal manner.

The meeting was attended by a large number of PBA members and cable operators.


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