Uber Launches UberAuto Rickshaw Service In Karachi

Published on November 25, 2016 by Admin1

Uber just launched their rickshaw services in Karachi and everyone is excited about it.

The services will launch from Thursday in Karachi and free rides will be given all week, announced Uber on its Twitter account. To avail thee free rides, UberAuto users are asked to enter the promo code FREEAUTO.


Using the promo code aforementioned, users can get a chance to avail five free rickshaw rides up to Rs75 each. Also, payments can be done through cards or cash, depending on what the user prefers.

Uber’s rickshaw hailing service was first introduced in Lahore earlier this year, after which the service to expand its market by entering Karachi.

In order to use uberAuto, a patron will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app.


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