Woman Files Case Against Parents For Threats After Free-Will Marriage

Published on November 29, 2016 by Admin1

A woman registered a petition in a local court in Islamabad on Monday, against her parents and brothers for threatening to throw acid on her and kill her after she married of her own choice.

Sadia, a resident of Islamabad’s Lala Musa Kharian Tehsil, told the local newspaper that she married a man of her choice in April. After her marriage, when she visited her parents, she claimed they stopped her from returning back to her husband’s house.

She also accused her family members for locking her up and taking away the cash and jewelry she had. She further added that she returned to her husband after leaving her belongings behind and alleged that her family has, since then, threatened to throw acid on her, kidnap her and kill her.

The court issued a notice to the Kohsar station house officer on Tuesday (today) and the next hearing of the case is on Wednesday.


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