Woman Killed By Former Father-In-Law For Second Marriage

Published on November 30, 2016 by Admin1

A woman was allegedly shot dead by her ex-father-in-law for marrying the second time, in Rawalpindi on Tuesday.

The victim, identified as Nasim Bibi, was moved to District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital for autopsy. Naseerabad police filed a police case against the suspected killer Ayub, who fled from the crime scene. Also, the killer was victim’s paternal uncle.

According to the police, Nasim Bibi had married Ayub’s son. The marriage, had eventually developed differences leading to separation between the couple. Subsequent to which, Nasim got married to another man of her own choice, named Meherban Khan.

The day the incident happened, Nasim went to her ex-husband’s house to collect the dowry items, Ayub, the alleged, out of exasperation, shot Nasim dead and fled.

A police team headed by SI Iftikhar Butt of Homicide Investigation Unit, rushed to the spot, who, upon being contacted, declared the incident has happened.

Iftikhar Butt further added that a murder case has been filed against the alleged and police is making efforts to apprehend the fled killer as soon as possible. In the meantime, a murder suspect shot himself dead in his house located at Mohan Pura apparently to avoid being arrested by a police raiding party, area police.

Victim’s body was shifted to DHQ for post-mortem where he was identified as 26-year-old Bilal. Bilal was found involved in murdering his 16-year-old friend, on November 27th, in Ratta Amral area.

Regarding the situation, the sources had said that a police party raided the house in Mohan Pura on Tuesday, where they assumed the actual killer was hiding. However, before the police could catch Bilal for his crime, he shot himself dead.


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