Anti-Pakistan Campaigns: Connecting The Dots

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Thailand’s government has deported and revoked the visas of two nationalist Baloch activist. The activists were in Thailand to hold a conference on Balochistan, The News reported.

Apprehended and deported, the organizers of a Pro-Baluchistan moot happened to be French nationals and were found violating terms and conditions of their visas. Munir Mengal and Bilal Baloch, are French of Pakistani origin and were in Thailand on a propaganda campaign. The duo was travelling on French passports, and were accompanied by nationalists and far right activists.

This is not the first time that the French have been found violating territorial integrity of another state. With the upcoming general elections and the growing popularity of far-rights, France is slipping back to its deadly past. It was not long ago (Battle of Algiers, 1962) that the French had their hands dipped in blood and clothes stinking with barbarism.



This is the French past that is never talked about. The torch bearers of freedom of speech were numb when French soldiers slaughtered Algerians in their own country. With a complete ban on reporting and no media access, the Algerians were treated as aliens in their own land and were required special passes to commune in French dominated areas. It has remained a herculean task, accounting for Algerian casualties, with numbers ranging from 350,000 to 1.5 million.

Pakistan for long has been the target of foreign intrusions. Absconders and terrorists have been actively challenging the sovereignty of motherland from safe-havens abroad. While there is no explicit support from any of the states, the failure in curbing and apprehending those behind, raises eye brows. Activities such as, anti-state slogan hurling, life threats and propaganda campaigns have been a regular. Anarchists, who are against Pakistan have enjoyed warm stays mostly in European countries. Declared terrorist, Brahumdagh Bugti, a murderer, lives as a free citizen in Switzerland. Likewise, Altaf Hussain, a declared absconder of law, allegedly involved in treason activities, has been living in the UK for more than twenty years. The failure of European states in apprehending these individuals makes one wonder about their intentions.




The tale is a never ending one with continuous attempts in ruining the largest province, Baluchistan. Subjected to foreign sponsored terrorism, Baluchistan is still developing. With Gwadar port now operational, it is of no surprise that the propaganda campaign, orchestrated by the Indians on the behest of Western powers is in full swing. Called the Game Changer, Gwadar is a threat to the malicious designs of foreign powers. All set to become the economic engine of Pakistan, it will be for the first time that people of Baluchistan will taste growth, a happening most in the world cannot digest. Foolish, cowardly, and meager activities like the one foiled in Thailand reflect desperation.


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Imagine if such an activity would have taken place in Pakistan. Imagine if banned political parties in France would have been extended sympathies by Pakistan. Imagine if the IRA (The Irish Republican Army) would have been allowed hosting such a moot in Pakistan. The backlash, the global media trial, and the bashing on international platforms would go through the roof.


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Pakistan has remained firm in its stance against terrorism and respects the sovereignty and integrity of others. Pakistan does not grant asylum to terrorists and neither does it allow anyone to use its land against sovereign states.

The question though arises, is the same on offer in return? Pakistan for long has remained a victim of conspiracies and terrorism. It is high time that states, including powers like France, Britain and US, realize their shortcomings. Will the proclaimed peaceful countries play their active role in delivering justice? Will the culprits be taken to task? Will global institutions wake up and play their due role? Or will Pakistan remain subjected to mala fide activities, bleeding from the wounds inflicted? Will this ever come to an end?

For once, it is not Pakistan who needs to do-more rather them.


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