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Pakistan is a land blessed with mineral resources. Not just the precious gems and rubies that remain untouched, the land is also host to a number of wild birds and animals that utilize the weathers down here, both periodically and regularly. One such nature’s attraction happens to be Houbara Bustard. The Houbara bustard or North African Houbara is found in arid habitats spread across northern Africa and Southeast Asia with a population on the Canary Islands and Bhakkar district of Pakistan.

Travelling in the winter season, the Houbaras make South Asian countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh and India their temporary habitat. The Houbaras are endangered species and are protected under international conventions. The bird is also protected under Pakistan’s own wild life law. The state though has regularly issued permits to foreign dignitaries mostly of Arab origin for the hunt of Houbaras. The permits that are issued directly from the Prime Minister House bypass local and international laws, only further endangering the Bustard who face extinction. One may question why only the Arabs. The English are also known for their love of the wild and are one of the finest hunters. So, what is special about the Houbara Bustard’s that the Arab Princes travel this far loaded with all their entourage? Why are they so keen about hunting only in Pakistan, and why the feast is never attended by their families (wives to be exact)?

According to the author who in his story claims interviewing a former security officer, there is lot more than just hunting that takes place. The remaining part of the piece is an alleged narration of the security official the author interviewed.

“A local security officer assigned with the Prince’s entourage acts as a protocol person who is supposed to be present round the clock and is required to fulfill whatever the guest demands. Since the officer-assigned performs his duty 24/7, he observes more than just hunting. From movement, to private activities all happens right in front of the officer. It is only then when I came across the shameful reality that lies behind these hunting expeditions. The royal guests along with their entourage never stay in cities. Rather, these private visits are always accommodated in huge camp sites that are setup far from cities. It is like building a small temporary castle of camps. Normally the hunt takes place during the day time, while the guests enjoy their hunting bounties for dinner. The dinner party is just like any other Arab party, with singing and dancers being a regular. But it is only when these princes return back to their camps that they are presented with their real hunt, young girls from the rural areas of Punjab and Baluchistan. Aging between twelve and fourteen, most of these girls haven’t even reached their puberty. Trained for not resisting, the girls are decorated and bathed with Mushk and Amber. No one knows what happens when these girls go inside, but one can for sure imagine what a Falcon can do to a young birdie. I have heard sounds and noises that have since then kept me awake for nights. Imagine, I being a soldier gave up and left the job. An ordinary cannot even hear what comes out from those camps. It is terrifying enough to make a whole army brigade surrender without fighting.

If you are to verify any of my claims just visit the Sheikh Zayed Hospital where doctors are instructed to keep quiet about it. Brought in misery and with internal wounds, majority of these girls spend days to recuperate, with some losing more than just innocence. Is this the Pakistan we fought for? Is this the Pakistan are ancestors struggled for? Is this even a country or is it a brothel or a red-light country in whole? Are those nukes worth anything when our rulers are hell-bent in selling whatever of integrity we are left with? These Saudis and Qataris they are no one to complain to, it is all about us and our leaders. May God have mercy upon us.”

Disclaimer: The story has been lifted from an Urdu site, HassanNisar.pk. The content is yet to be verified from relevant authorities.

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