Elderly Man Behind ‘Don’t Go Raheel Sharif’ Campaign Commits Suicide

Published on December 1, 2016 by

Lutf Amim Shabli, a former trade union leader, committed suicide by consuming poison. Camped outside the Karachi Press Club, Shabli was protesting against the retirement Gen Raheel Sharif who retired on Tuesday 29th November.

“Raheel Sharif is a messiah. I am his fan. Only he can save the country from terrorism and social ills,” read the posters and banners set up around his camp. A formal medico legal examination is yet to be carried but doctors are certain of the cause of death. Lutf also served as the Chairman of the Progressive Workers Union at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT).

The deceased had set up a camp outside the club and took the extreme measure after ISPR tweet on Nov 27, confirming the stepping down of the former army chief. Known for his leftist ideology, Amim, was taken to Jinnah and was later shifted to Aga Khan where he was kept on a vent but couldn’t make it through.

In a letter discovered from his side, Lutf had requested that his funeral prayers be held in front of KPC. Confusing many of his fellow colleagues for his wild support of the army, Lutf was known to be mentally unstable. He leaves behind a wife and 7 children.


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