DG ISPR Shows Confessional Video Of IS-Trained Medical Student

Published on April 17, 2017 by admin2

During the media briefing, Maj Gen Ghafoor also showed the recorded confessional statement of Naureen Leghari, a medical student from Hyderabad who allegedly fled home to join the militant Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

Leghari was arrested on Friday after her husband, whom she had married after leaving her home and joining the militants, was killed in an encounter in Punjab Housing Society.

“The girl went missing from Hyderabad. Later, a message appeared on Facebook in which she said that she had joined the military group,” the director general said before he showed the video.

In the video, Leghari denied that she had been kidnapped, saying she made the decision to travel to Lahore on her own.

“I am a second-year student at the Liaquat Medical University,” Leghari said in the video.

“I went to Lahore on my own, no one kidnapped me,” she said.

“Our main plan was to carry out terrorist activities,” she said. “These included suicide attacks and kidnapping intelligence officials,” she claimed.

“A young man named Fauji was involved in these activities.”

“On April 1, our organisation gave us four suicide jackets, some hand grenades and bullets. These were to be used in a suicide attack on a church in Lahore. I was supposed to be the suicide bomber,” she said.

Sources earlier told Dawn that Leghari had allegedly visited Syria to join IS after leaving her home in February. She had also received training in Syria for using weapons.

She returned to Lahore three weeks ago and was being tracked by security personnel. Law enforcement agencies are investigating her as well.

After playing Leghari’s confession, Maj Gen Ghafoor said Pakistan’s youth bulge — a term for the large percentage of Pakistan’s population that comprises young men and women — was becoming a target for terrorist outfits.

“The youth bulge is our strength,” Ghafoor said. “When the terrorists target or youth, you can imagine the impact it will have on Pakistan.”


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