Provost Of Abdul Wali Khan University Drops Call During Live Show

Published on April 18, 2017 by admin2

The provost of Abdul Wali Khan University, Fayyaz Ali Shah, has denied having any part in the varsity notification to launch an inquiry into blasphemy allegations against three students including slain Mashal Khan.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, Provost and Controller Examinations Fayyaz Ali Shah claimed the notification had errors and was issued by the assistant registrar without his knowledge.

“We did not issue the notification. It was issued with the assistant registrar’s signatures without bringing it into my knowledge or the registrar’s,” he said.

Fayyaz said the university administration had only made the decision to form an inquiry committee, but that the murder took place around the same time.

The document—dated April 13, the same day Mashal was brutally murdered by an enraged mob—included Fayyaz Ali Shah’s name among the six-member committee to probe the allegations.

The notification was signed by the assistant registrar and stated that the two other students have been rusticated and banned from entry into the university (all campuses) until further orders.

An earlier version of the document stated all three students, including deceased Mashal Khan, have been rusticated and banned from entering the university.


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