Ushna Shah Response On Her Scandal With Humuyun Saeed

Published on May 12, 2017 by admin2

Scandals are frequently part of the entertainment industries, may be its Hollywood, Lollywood or Bollywood. Here is the most recent scandal of Ushna Shah and Humayun Saeed who was circulated over the media this week.

Humayun Saeed the beautiful personality has got enough fame and charm, due to which many of the people become fans. Hayman’s affairs with Ayesha’s affairs will never be forgotten by Lollywood, that was initiated when both of them were working together, it was also reported that both of them were highly involved with each other.

Well, an update about the affairs of Hamayun Saeed is that he has now got a crush on Ushna Shah; you need not wonder because it has been noticed. After which Humayun was flooded with criticism by his fans. After the airing of “Bashar Momin”, Humayun was highly criticized by his fans. Fan criticized saying that if she had taken interest in acting instead of actor Ushna would have been much better actress. Now the more interesting thing is what was the reaction of Samina after this all happened. It was reported that Samina banned her husband, to work with Ushna for the next time.

The most interesting thing is in knowing how Ushna reacts to this scandal, well Ushna laughed when she was asked about the rumor. She said that the news was wholly mis-communicated, and there was not such a matter between Humayun and her. Referring to the ugly video, she said, “I must be giving someone sleepless nights if they are taking out time and spending money to assassinate my character.” For further clarification of the matter she also added, “I am Ushna, not Rudaba! I don’t do disgusting things or let people harm me.”


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