Amir Sohail Angry On Shahryar Khan

Published on June 5, 2017 by admin2

Although the pressure for yesterday’s match wass high, Sarfraz was confident Pakistans’ batting has improved.

“It is a good pitch and won’t change much. India-Pakistan is a pressure game, hopefully we play as a free game. Our batting is much better,” he said.

In an interview yesterday, Sarfraz had said Pakistan will be “playing differently” and spectators would see some “out of the box things”.

“We have definitely have a plan… you will see us doing some new things which have not been tried against India before,” he said.

The team’s fielding, however, leaves much to be desired, with commentators referring to it today as ‘sloppy’ on more than one occasion since the innings began.

The last time Pakistan defeated India in an ICC tournament was during the 2009 Champions Trophy at Centurion. Since then, India has won all six encounters.

Shahryar Khan

Shahryar Khan is a former career Pakistan diplomat who rose to the position of Foreign Secretary of Pakistan in 1990, and remained so till his retirement from service in 1994; he was later appointed as UN SRSG to Rwanda (1994–1996).

Since August 1999, he has intermittently served as the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board. He is the current president of Asian Cricket Council.


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