Pakistani Model Inching Closer To Miss World Dream

Published on June 9, 2017 by admin2

Earlier this year, we caught wind that Lahore-based model Madeeha Naseer had won ‘big’ at Miss Asia Pacific International, having received the much-coveted honour of Miss Perpetual. We didn’t know who she was or where she had come from and so, many of us found this news a little difficult to digest.

However, we gave Madeeha, better known as Diya Ali, the benefit of the doubt and chose to believe her side of the story. Fast forward five months and it seems as though this Pakistani star has not backed down since then.

Still hell-bent upon chasing her modelling dreams, Diya’s next destination is Miss Mister World International 2017. With no patronage or any sort of brand endorsements, she is all set to represent Pakistan at the upcoming competition in Kosovo.

The event will run from July 17 to July 23 this year. Diya, an MBA in Finance, decided to try her hand at modelling out of sheer passion. “It is an honour to represent Pakistan in a contest where so many beautiful women will compete with each other. Although I have no cooperation from the government and my modelling journey could be short-lived, I am excited to be nominated,” Diya tells The Express Tribune.

According to the model, Miss Asia Pacific International and Face of Arabia contest were the stepping stones in her career. “This upcoming contest is what I have waited for so long. This is the reason I participated in so many different competitions last year, to be able to build confidence and learn the know-hows of modelling,” she says.

For Diya, beauty is as beauty does. Education, confidence and planning are what make a model of today. “I believe these are qualities that make one truly beautiful. I’m trying to attain basic knowledge about this profession because that is extremely important. I have been travelling to different countries and meeting international models who have participated in Miss World International before. I have also been learning different things about our culture to be able to answer questions and interact confidently.”

Diya may not be a household name yet, but she claims that such contests are just the ‘minor’ offers she has received. “I was asked to work in a Hollywood film following Face of Arabia,” she adds, refusing to share details about the project.

“Modelling is my current profession but I am willing to start acting in the future. International film offers are my priority and I strongly believe I will be offered more of them. With faith, struggle and hard work, one can achieve everything and this is exactly what I’ve set out for.”

Diya admits that she encountered many hurdles while auditioning for Miss Mister World International. “I am thankful to my friends and family for supporting me. Representing Pakistan on an international level is a bold move for any model but I promise the people of my country that I will never do anything that goes against our culture. I am confident I will earn another honour for Pakistan.”


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