Rashid Latif Bashes Virender Sehwag

Published on June 9, 2017 by admin2

Veteran Cricketer Rashid Latif gives a video message to Sehwag over his derogatory remarks about Pakistan cricketer team.

Rashid Latif started his message by clarifying that “I have no problems with most Indian current players, ex players, Indian people but this video is for Virender Sehwag.”

“If Sehwag’s comments were directed to one individual or even me personally, i would have ignored it but because he got personal with the nation of Pakistan, being a true Pakistani, it is my duty to respond” , he said.

“You called Pakistan your son and Bangladesh your grandson, but what happened today, which son was this of yours”, he asked.

Talking about defeat against Srilanka, Rashid Latif said “Sri Lanka has made you bleed from everywhere and you can’t even figure out from where.”



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