Imran Khan Finally Speaks Over Ayesha Gulalai’s Allegations

Published on August 4, 2017 by admin6

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Thursday said that the allegations leveled by former party leader Ayesha Gulalai are false and a “coordinated effort” by rival Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz (PML-N) and a media group,

“I suspect and I am grieved that PML-N is using her and it is their (PML-N) old tactic to use money to achieve their ends,” Imran Khan told,

He added that he always believed that Ayesha Gulalai had a lot of potential and he used to appreciate for her enthusiasm but never thought that she will go this far and level shameless allegations on him.

Imran Khan maintained that he feels PML-N’s Ameer Muqam and a number of other people are behind this episode.

He added that Ayesha took four years to come up with these allegations if she is not lying or if he (Imran Khan) was in her place, he would have spoken at the very moment he received the first lewd message.

Imran Khan assured all women who want to join PTI that his party respects women and he has warned his party men that he will himself take action against anyone who mistreats a woman.

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