Noor Bukhari Starts Wearing Hijab, Decides To Quit Showbiz

Published on October 13, 2017 by admin2

Famous actor and TV host Noor Bukhari has decided to quit showbiz and hence, left many of her fans surprised. She previously made headlines when she was spotted wearing a hijab recently. Now, the 35- year-old has come forward and confirmed that she no longer plans to do any movies or TV shows in the future.

Interestingly, the decision comes a few weeks after Noor’s divorce from singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan, her fourth husband.



“I was going through a time which was laced with emotional trauma and other hardships that I don’t want do think about,” the actor told The Express Tribune.

The Bhai Log star also shared her future plans and spoke of how lucky she feels to be on this spiritual journey. “I think I am lucky to be on this path. I truly believe that you don’t choose to be close to Allah but that He chooses you. I am grateful I was chosen.”

Noor also reminisced about her Lollywood career saying, “Fame and respect can be earned in any profession and I attained that in Lollywood because of my hard work and honesty.”

However, the star reaffirmed that she will never go back to the showbiz life despite enjoying success. “I have detached myself from all ongoing projects and will not be taking further part in them,”Noor stated, adding that she will now observe the hijab regularly and will not leave her house without it.



Noor emerged as a leading actress in 2000s after starring in Mujhe Chand Chahiye opposite Shaan Shahid. She bagged leading roles in many movies over the years such as Billi, Tere Pyar Mein and Ghar Kab Aogay. Noor also ventured into the drama industry with projects like Uff Yeh Larkiyan and Mere Angnay Mein. To top it off, she has enjoyed immense popularity as a morning show host.

The actor’s latest release was Ishq Positive, alongside now ex-husband Wali. When asked about her drastic transformation, the latter chose to keep it brief, stating that “her efforts are appreciable and I wouldn’t comment any further.”

It must be noted that Noor is willing to do only religious shows henceforth. “I am a changed woman. My ideals have changed. My hardship brought me closer to Allah and I want to be able to share my transformation and gain knowledge about this path I have taken,” she said. “I will do religious shows, learning about practically embracing Islam in the process.”

The big change, though, has not come without controversy. It is being reported that Noor’s relatives are not entirely convinced of her claims and have criticised her for “not following religion in its true sense.”

Reports claim that Noor’s relatives have a problem with her attending morning shows. Another issue that brought her under fire is not observing iddat after her divorce from Wali. Noor is yet to respond to these allegations.

Courtesy: Express Tribune


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