Amir Khan To Launch Boxing League In Pakistan

Published on September 5, 2017 by admin2

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan on Monday announced to launch Super Boxing League in Pakistan to promote the boxing.

During his press conference at the Amir Khan Boxing Academy in Islamabad, Amir said, “I have taken the idea from my partner who is from India. He formed this league in India, so I decided to bring the league here to Pakistan.” He further vowed to stage the league earlier this year.

While sharing the idea of formation of Boxing League, Khan said that the League would be comprised of eight teams, including women boxers, from across Pakistan, adding that fight will be held under the World Boxing Council.

Khan wants to highlight the boxing talent of Pakistan by organizing such an event that would not only promote boxing in the country but also bring about a revival of sports activities. Khan spent time with local boxers at the academy on the occasion.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner Thomas Drew, who was present on the occasion said that Amir Khan is “Pakistan’s Mohammad Ali.” Adding that when Amir is in Pakistan he is ambassador of Britain and when he is in Britain he is ambassador of Pakistan.

Expressing his desire to bring back international cricket in Pakistan, the ambassador said that he wants international cricket to come back to Pakistan and wished that the English side would soon visit to support revival of sports in Pakistan.


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