Michelangelo’s Message For Modern Day Politicians

Published on July 25, 2017 by admin2

Italy’s Michelangelo is a world famous statue maker and artist. His art is one of its kind and is unmatchable till today.

Michelangelo only cared for his work. For him luxuries in life never mattered as much as his work.

He sometimes used to eat bread and water when engrossed in his work. Most of the timed he choose to sleep on the very rock he is being working on.

Michael Angelo had a habit of wearing his shoes for days or even months. His students told that sometimes when he used to remove his shoes his skin will peel with them.

He has the honor of painting Vatican’s roof. His master piece statue “David” is known as the miracle of art.

The renowned artist never married and once was asked to get married so that he could have children to remember him after his demise. The painter had said my art is my child and world will remember me through my art.

His believe proved to be true and the world has never forgotten the man who was able to produce magic through his body of art.

Michelangelo’s message is relevant to this day same as his art.

If we haven’t done anything to make this world a better place, haven’t played our part for the betterment of mother earth, who is going to take our name after we are gone?

It is something that today our politicians need to learn. They should take care of this country as they do for their off springs, only if they could love this nation like they love their kids, only if they could provide justice, this country will be safer to live and prosper as we want it to.

They should be thinking about what they are leaving behind. The choice is theirs how they want us to remember them? Their services to the country will be the sole reason for our generations to reminisce them.


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