School A Rare Sanctuary For Traumatised Rohingya Children

Published on October 12, 2017 by fahmidah

Of the 520,000 Rohingya who have arrived in recent weeks, 290,000 are children, many haunted by the horrors they have witnessed, now crammed into teeming refugee camps with minimal facilities to deal with traumas embedded deep inside so many youngsters.

Aid groups are hurrying to set up schools and safe zones for children in the grim camps as part of the answer.

The few schools that have sprung up offer a brief respite.There are currently 200 learning centres in the camps teaching 17,000 Rohingya.

But those schools are just a drop in the ocean compared to what is required — the UN children s agency, UNICEF, says it needs to build 1,300 schools.

The curriculum is also starkly different from Bangladeshi schools in the region, a reflection of how the Rohingya are far from welcome even in the comparative safety of Bangladesh.

The only permitted subjects are English, the Burmese language, maths and health advice such as washing hands.

The Bengali language used every where in Bangladesh is deliberately off limits.

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