“Virat Kohli to play for County Championship before summer’s Test series against England” says former skipper Kapil Dev

“Virat Kohli to play for County Championship before summer’s Test series against England” says former skipper Kapil Dev


Kohli has a career batting average of 53.40 from 66 Tests, but averaged only 13.40 during India’s last Test series in England in 2014.

Kapil, who won the World Cup as skipper long ago in 1983, feels Kohli must “get runs everywhere” to be the world’s best.

“Practice makes a man perfect. One has to practise those conditions,” he said.

“Virat Kohli, the question mark is in front of him, it’s there. He has to get runs where it is considered to be the toughest conditions in the world.”

Kohli was rested from India’s current Twenty20 tri-series against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


The five-Test series between the two countries commences on 1 August at Edgbaston.

Ishant Sharma (Sussex) being the Pace bowler and Cheteshwar Pujara (Yorkshire) being the batsman are the only two Indian players signed to play in representation for English counties at present, before the tour starts.

Kapil was India’s captain when they beat England 2-0 in a three-match contest in 1986, but India has won only one Test series in England since then, in 2007.

The looked upon all-rounder spent two seasons playing for Northampton Shire and shares a similar herald for Kohli, who is apparently ranked second in the International Cricket Council’s Test batting rankings, and top in the one-day international format.

“If he can get it and if he can keep on playing there, I think it always helps,” commented Kapil, who took 434 wickets and made 5,248 runs in 131 Tests between 1978 and 1994.

“What we’re seeing, with his temperament, I think he’s good enough. It all depends if he gets a good start. He has the ability.”

“If he can play a season or two in English county cricket there would be nothing wrong, because if you want to be the best player in the world you have to get runs everywhere.”

“With so many players, we are seeing they are outstanding outside India or Pakistan, when they come to the subcontinent, they don’t get runs. Maybe they are playing on a fast, bouncy track and when it comes to a turning track they are not good enough.” added Kapil.

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