Waseem Akhter Takes Oath As Karachi’s New Mayor

Waseem Akhter Takes Oath As Karachi’s New Mayor


Karachi gets its new Mayor, who has taken his oath while being imprisoned, today. Waseem Akhtar, who is charged for 12th May annihilation, took his oath as Karachi mayor, on Tuesday, regardless of the castigation from various other parties.

Waseem Akhtar, Former MP, who is currently under custody at Central Jail Karachi, was brought to the Polo Ground accompanied by high security, to take his oath. Waseem Akhtar will be Karachi’s Mayor, six years after Mustafa Kamal ended his tenure as Karachi’s mayor, in February, 2010.

The oath-taking ceremony of Karachi’s imprisoned Mayor was attended by his family, and the MQM leader, Farooq Sattar, at the Polo Ground, Karachi; where Waseem Akhtar took the oath as the Mayor and MQM’s Arshad Vohra took the oath as Deputy Mayor of Karachi.

While addressing the ceremony, Waseem Akhtar thanked all the institutions in the country and opened his speech by chanting slogans in favor of his party and those, who stand as political rivals, “Long live Muttahida, long live Bhutto and long live Imran Khan.”

During his address, Waseem Akhtar further said, “Despite the problems, Karachi has been facing, I ensure that we will work together for the betterment of this city and the province.” Also, he stressed upon all the differences be erased by the PPP representatives, Asif Ali Zardari and Bilawal Bhutto.

Winning the mayoral elections that took place on August 24th, Waseem Akhtar accepted his victory, saying, “It will be written in history because elections have never happened like this ever before.” While answering regarding the city issues and how will they be run, Karachi’s imprisoned Mayor said that, “I will request the chief minister Sindh to either give me an office at the Central Jail or pass a law so that I can solve people’s issues.”

Amid all the castigation coming in from the other political parties, Faisal Vawda presented the Sindh High Court with his petition, appealing the court to bar Waseem Akhtar from taking oath as Karachi Mayor, which on Tuesday, got rejected. While speaking to the journalists, Faisal Vawda said, “A person involved in heinous crimes cannot be allowed to become Karachi mayor, that too from prison.”


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