What Is A JIT??


Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered formation of a JIT to probe further in Panama Case.The question here is what a JIT is and how actually it functions?

JIT is an abbreviation for Joint Investigation Team. JIT is a combination of various state departments/institutions task with fact finding over a fixed period of time and a specific purpose by way of a written agreement to carry out criminal investigations in one or more of the involved States.

The purpose of forming a JIT is to investigate any matter without bias. JIT reports are considered accountable and are trustworthy. The members of JIT are usually well reputed and known personals from judiciary and LEAs.

The idea was established when The Hague Programme (November 2004) called for the designation of national experts on JITs by each Member State with the goal of encouraging the use of JITs and exchanging best practice. In July 2005, the Article 36 Committee (CATS) agreed that an informal JITs Experts Network should be established.

However JITs became very popular in Pakistan. Every politically involved criminal faces JIT and the reports by these JITs makes round in media for several days.

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