What Nordic walking is and why it is so beneficial to your health

What Nordic walking is and why it is so beneficial to your health


Nordic walking requires an appropriate technique. It is much more than walking holding a cane.

For those who are not used, Nordic walking can have a somewhat absurd air … after all it’s like skiing without snow.

But more and more experts highlight their health benefits.

Nordic walking, or Nordic walking, is a type of exercise that originated in Finland in the 1930s as summer training for professional skiers.

It is based on the use of special walking sticks, similar to those of skiing, which, in addition to working the muscles of the upper body, serve as a propulsion to move forward.

This type of exercise is now recognized as a physical activity that involves the whole body, so much that it can consume more than 40% more energy than a conventional walk.

It is also gentle for the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and can be practiced anywhere outdoors.

Intensity levels vary and are highly adaptable: from gentle walks for people with mobility problems to energetic walks for people who are already in shape, which can be an effective way to improve physical fitness, help lose weight and tone the body whole.

Health benefits

The health authorities of England have just included Nordic walking in a list of regular activities recommended for all adults to strengthen muscles, bones and enhance balance.

Detail of feet during Nordic walking.
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Image caption Nordic walking does not affect joints more than walking.

Like other types of moderate activities, basic Nordic walking can lower the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, asthma, stroke, and some types of cancer.

Also, like any other exercise, it can be used as part of a weight loss program.

Nordic walking does not affect the joints more than walking, so it is suitable for people who are overweight or have joint problems.

You have to learn the technique

It’s not just walking with a cane.

Couple doing Nordic walking
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Image caption When performed with the proper technique, the canes relieve the weight of the knees and lower joints.

The UK Public Health Service recommends learning the basics of Nordic walking with a qualified instructor.

When performed with the proper technique the canes relieve the weight of the knees and lower joints , which makes you feel your feet lighter.

Nordic walking sticks are different from those used for hiking, the way in which the handle is used and the angle at which they are embedded in the ground.

There are different movements within this discipline depending, for example, on how many steps the poles rest on or whether the movement is jumping, running or walking.

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