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What happens when a social media platform used by over a billion people goes down? Well Twitter last night gave us a fair understanding of exactly that. It was around midnight when Twitteraati in Pakistan and around the world started posting about delayed messages and no connectivity. as it turned out, WhatsApp had gone down in several parts of the world.

While there was no official word on what exactly happened, some 79,000 tweets did tell us that it was happening at multiple places. Lucky for Twitter there was business in the shutdown. The hashtag “WhatsApp down” is now trending at top, and would perhaps keep on trending for some while.

Engadget, a popular tech news site quoted a spokesperson as, “WhatsApp is aware of the issue and working to fix it as soon as possible.” According to the daily Telegraph UK, the problem occurred in Europe, Brazil, Asia and other parts of the world. Though any chance of a hacking attempt was largely ruled out, the application had started coming back online in various parts.

And since nothing can escape the Meme-forces, social media was soon flooded with GIFs and Memes regarding the shutdown. Here are some of the best expressions we caught.



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