White Helmets accuse the Syrian Government of using poisonous gas

White Helmets accuse the Syrian Government of using poisonous gas


The group of rescuers White Helmets accused the Syrian government of having used poison gas again in the city controlled by the insurgents of Sarakeb, in the northwest of the Arab country. 

The White Helmets indicated this Monday (05.02.2018) that at least twelve people were injured when inhaling chlorine gas and pointed out that a helicopter launched the pump with gas.

At the moment there is no independent source to confirm the facts. On Monday, the UN Security Council meets in New York to analyze the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

After the chemical weapons attack in 2013, Syria joined the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and agreed to the destruction of its entire arsenal of chemical weapons. But to date it has not been clarified whether he actually gave all his stocks to the OPCW.

Chlorine gas does not fall within this prohibition, since it can be used for civil use.

Damascus continues to deny accusations

On Thursday, US Defense Secretary Jame Mattis accused the Syrian government of President Bashar Al Assad of continuing to manufacture and use chemical weapons, US media reported.

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied the accusations, according to the official Syrian news agency Sana. The information also indicates that chemical weapons stocks were delivered to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The Syrian government has accused him on several occasions of having used chemical weapons in the almost seven years of the country’s civil war. A joint investigation by a UN team and the OPCW concluded that the Syrian air force was responsible for the devastating sarin gas attack in the city of Jan Sheiyun on April 4 last year in which 80 people were killed .

Meanwhile, at least 23 people died this Monday in bombings over different towns and cities in the Guta Oriental region, the main bastion of the Syrian opposition outside Damascus, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

The NGO said in a statement that nine civilians were killed in an attack by unidentified aircraft on a market in the town of Beit Saua, where 28 people were also injured, including minors.

Also, five civilians perished, including the head of Syrian Civil Defense in the area, and another 18 were injured by 15 bombings that targeted the city of Arbin.

Meanwhile, in the area of Haza, six people lost their lives, including a girl, and another 13 were injured by the attacks of fighter planes; and in the town of Hamuriya a citizen was killed by the bombings of these devices and eight were wounded.

Finally, the Observatory noted that two people perished, including a child, in two bombings by military aircraft against several areas of the town of Zamalka.

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