Who is Hope Hicks, the discreet exmodel who resigned from her position as director of communication for Donald Trump after confessing that she said “white lies”

Who is Hope Hicks, the discreet exmodel who resigned from her position as director of communication for Donald Trump after confessing that she said “white lies”


Donald Trump loses a faithful collaborator, which had been by his side the longest.

Hope Hicks, communications director of the White House, resigned from her position, although her departure date is not clear.

A day earlier, in a statement before the House Intelligence Committee, Hicks had admitted to saying “white lies,” but denied having lied about anything related to the alleged interference of Russia in the US elections.

Sarah Sanders, a spokeswoman for the White House, has denied that Hicks’ resignation is related to this statement.

Hope Hicks
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Image caption Hope Hicks was a model, but does not give interviews and prefers low profile.

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Hicks convirt tio in the final replacement of Anthony Scaramucci, dismissed last July after some controversial statements against other members of the presidential team.

Scaramucci lasted 10 days in office and has not been the only senior White House official who leaves after the first months of government.

Stability to a turbulent cargo

Before Scaramucci, Sean Spicer resigned as press secretary also in the midst of a stir.

Hicks had the mission of giving stability to a high voltage station.

Trumo and his circle of trust
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Image caption Trump’s circle of confidence has changed a lot in the 10 months of government.

She graduated in English from the Southern Methodist University of Dallas, where she excelled as a Lacrosse player, a very practiced sport at the school level in the United States.

The truth is that her curriculum in politics was not too broad, but since she came into contact with the Trump family she became one of its most loyal and appreciated collaborators.

Promotion for loyalty

Hicks’ relationship with Trump began when the fashion firm of Ivanka Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, began to turn to the services of Hiltzik Strategies, the company in which Hicks worked as public relations.

But Hicks is also a model and came to parade with some of the designs of Ivanka Trump.

At that time, she displayed the quality that the president seems to appreciate the most: according to members of the presidential office quoted by The Washington Post , Hicks never tried to change Trump’s mind, she simply carried out his orders.

Thus she behaved as head of public relations of the real estate company of the current president, which was incorporated in October 2014.

Trump in campaign
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Image caption Hicks was in charge of Trump’s Twitter account during the campaign, one of the media that most potentiated the candidate.

Her political career began almost simultaneously with Trump’s presidential career , when he asked herto join his campaign in the Republican primaries.

She joined the team that manages Trump’s Twitter account, one of its communication tools that cause the most scandal.

She was responsible for transmitting the messages that the future president wanted to send to the world.

Soon after, she tried to return to the world of fashion, but Trump did not want to lose it and persuaded her to stay on board in her incipient political adventure.

When it concluded successfully and Trump suddenly became president of the United States, he quickly created the position of Strategic Communications Director for Hicks.

By then, the old model had already become part of the Trump inner circle and, according to the Politico website , one of the few people who shared the Sabbath dinners with Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, both Jews practitioners.

Low profile

Hope Hicks.
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Image caption Hicks arrived with the mission of giving stability to a high voltage station.

Hicks was also from the small group of people who participated in the audience that Pope Francis granted to the US president in the month of May.

Since she settled in the vicinity of power, Hicks eluded interviews and public appearances.

Her was a low profile.

When she began to perform the functions of her new position temporarily, she avoided occupying the office at her disposal and preferred to remain at her modest desk next to the Oval Office.

Maybe it’s details like those that seduce Donald Trump, who, in statements to GQ , described her as “outstanding”.

“I’ll miss having her by my side … I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future,” Trump said in a statement after the announcement of Hicks’ resignation.

The position she held is one of the most responsible and demanding in high American politics.

And she assumed it in one of the most turbulent times in the country’s recent history .

Turbulence that ended with her out of office.

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