Withdrawn of USA from Syria: Good or bad idea

Withdrawn of USA from Syria: Good or bad idea


Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States Army from Syria. That would be a fatal step, says Kersten Knipp. The president of the USA it would leave the region with actors that will plunge it further into chaos.

Syrien Syrische Soldaten in Ost-Ghuta (Imago / Xinhua / A. Safarjalani)

Removing US troops from Syria is the latest of Donald Trump’s ideas on foreign policy, a few days after the appointment of John R. Bolton as National Security Adviser and Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. Both politicians are not known as apologists of a cautious course in international relations, but precisely on the contrary: both are the representation of the faithful defenders of patriotism, even when it comes to the use of military force. So, how is this appointment compatible with the withdrawal of soldiers and military advisers from Syria?

It would not be surprising if it were later said that Trump’s idea was a spontaneous proposal that will not mean the real exit of the United States from Syria, because to do so would be to recognize that Syria’s previous policy for Syria has not helped much. Above all, it would be a considerable geostrategic step more towards the American insignificance in the region. And that would cost the Middle East dearly. Unlike 2003, when the US He invaded Iraq on the basis of flagrant lies and plunged not just Iraq into disaster.

Past possibilities

Certainly, the United States never had a particularly relaxed relationship with the Al Assad regime and would have preferred to see the fall of both the father and the son Al Assad. The reasons were on the one hand the proximity of both Syrian presidents to Iran, the largest US adversary in the region. And second, his hostile attitude towards Israel, the most important ally of the United States in the Middle East.

For seven years, USA he has been working in vain for the fall of Assad junior. Should he have been more energetic? Could it have stayed on the sidelines, which of course should also have happened with the rest of the other relevant actors (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia)? You can not say. They could have taken too many roads depending on the circumstances.

The winner is called Iran

One thing can be said: the withdrawal of the United States at this time not only determines the future of Syria, but that of the entire region for decades. One would expect a Russian domination, and a less discreet supremacy of Iran in much of Syria and through there from Lebanon to the borders of Israel. The “Shiite Media” would become a reality.

The tough internal policy of the mullah regime in Tehran, as well as its previous appearance in Syria, indicate how ruthlessly their interests in the region would assert. These are economic interests, propaganda and, above all, show themselves as a power that triumphs in the region, especially at a time when Israel uses military force to silence the protests in the Gaza Strip.

Shady scenario

The consequence of the withdrawal of the United States could be the triumph of Iran, which could lead the region to the brink of another war. The admission in Trump’s announcement that the United States did not achieve much in the Syrian war beyond the effective fight against the terrorists of the Islamic State is true. There are many reasons to believe that this withdrawal of troops will make the region fall into even greater darkness.

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