Woman Detained By Indian High Commission In Islamabad


An Indian woman has been detained by the High Commision of India in Islamabad. She is married to a Pakistani man.

Dr Uzma came to Pakistan on May 1 via Wagah border. She got married to Tahir Ali, a resident of Bonir on May 3. The couple had planned to go to New Delhi after marriage. Uzma’s brother had referred her to Indian High Commission’s employee Adnan.

On May 5 Uzma went to the embassy but did not return. After a couple of hours wait, the husband inquired the high commission’s staff about Uzma but they responded that no such woman has come to their office.

Then Tahir filed a plea in secretariat police station for the recovery of his wife. When the police contacted the Indian High Commission, they said that Uzma was in their office but refused to return her back. They said negotiations on the matter will be held through the foreign office.

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