Women who wear jeans give birth to transgenders: Indian professor

Women who wear jeans give birth to transgenders: Indian professor


A professor in India has irked controversy with his remarks regarding women who wear jeans and ‘dress like men, end up giving birth to transgenders.’

Rajith Kumar, a Botany professor, made some bizarre remarks during an awareness class for students in Kerala’s Kasaragod, reported PTI.

“Women who wear jeans and shirts, and dress like men, give birth to children called transgenders. There are over six lakh transgenders in Kerala,” he said while addressing a gathering. 

He went on to add that only those couples give birth to ‘good children’ who ‘live their lives as men and women.’

He also said that children of parents who are not of good character turn out to be ‘autistic and suffer from cerebral palsy.’

However, this is not the first time that the professor’s remarks created an outrage. Earlier, while addressing students at a women’s college he had made inappropriate comments, following which a female student booed him and walked out in protest.

The state government has planned to take a legal action against Kumar and he also faces the prospect of being barred from appearing at the government-sponsored awareness classes in schools and colleges.

Accusing Kumar of propagating superstition and making anti-women remarks, Health Minister K K Shylaja said, “Rajith Kumar has not withdrawn his controversial statements so far. The government is mulling initiating legal action against him.”

His thoughts on the matter didn’t sit well with social media users.


Previously, an Egyptian lawyer Nabih al-Wahsh sparked outrage in Egypt after he said that women who wear ripped jeans deserve to be sexually harassed and raped, reports The Independent.

In a heated argument during a TV show, Wahsh made the remarks regarding how it was ‘national duty’ of men to harass women who wore ripped jeans.

The program’s topic was the controversy surrounding the draft law on fighting prostitution and inciting debauchery.

“Are you happy when you see a girl walking down the street with half of her behind showing?” the lawyer said on Al-Assema.

He  further added, “I say that when a girl walks about like that, it is a patriotic duty to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her.”

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