Yasir Hussain’s Terrible Hum Awards Joke Proofs Desi Comedians Need A Reality Check


The 5th annual Hum Awards held in Lahore this Saturday featured lots of high points — unfortunately, it also featured its share of lows.

And one of those low points came when comedian Yasir Hussain cracked a joke about child molestation.

After Ahsan Khan accepted the award for Best Actor In A Negative Role for his performance as villain in child sexual abuse drama Udaari, Hussain remarked: “Itna khoobsurat child molester, kaash mein bhi bacha hota” (what a beautiful child molester, if only I was also a child).

The reaction to his quip was swift as attendees and commentators took to social media to express their outrage. Some directed their outrage at the comedian himself, others were angrier still at the star-studded audience, from which the joke elicited a few laughs.

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