You Can Get Your Snatched Phones Back, You Need only Ask

You Can Get Your Snatched Phones Back, You Need only Ask


We seem to be swept with a wave of something close to Tabdeeli (the so called social change we desperately want but are not willing to do our bit for it). With Fixit constantly calling out the government for their incompetence, activists such as Jiban Nasir raising their voices against nepotism, we can vouch that the future of our nation is in safe hands. Surely there’s much more that needs to be done but waking up from our personal slumber is the first step to get started.

I don’t mean to preach, but seriously, WAKE UP. 

Our law enforcement agencies seem to have woken up. It is now possible for our own Police department and Criminal Investigation Agency to recover our snatched phones and/or track the active looters operating in various parts of the city and beyond. But this is not news per se, most of us are already aware of how electronic devices and gadgets can be tracked. What’s worth telling here is the fact that they are now handing over the recovered items to the rightful owners.  

However, the time it could take can never be pre-determined. No need to get your hopes high but reporting a crime might get you your snatched phones back. That’s what happened to me.  

My Story

In my entire life this was the first incident that left me in a state of shock. It was the usual robbery with armed robbers, the same one that perhaps every citizen of Karachi might have encountered. They left us teary-eye and disgusted with our law and order. Following that incident, we use to question our social failure and curse the robbers who were free to cause more agony. It took weeks to comprehend the details of what happened.

Meanwhile everyone around me asked to give up and not report the incident. But we decided to pay no heed to all those warnings. We reported the incident to the police and contacted cplc to track our phones via an imei code.

You can also choose to get your phone blocked through Cplc but that would render the handset ineffective and the thief will not be able to sell it. If the phone remains unblocked, they can track it through their system as soon as someone puts a sim card in it. Since their location can be tracked, it will assist in catching the culprits or at least get your phone back. 

That seems hard to believe but it is possible in Karachi. That’s what happened with me.

Reporting the crime may take some effort on your part and might not always get you your belongings but its worth a try. Let’s put our system to test. Normally we are hesitant to file a complaint due to the following reasons.

We have lost hope

We let perceptions drive us into inaction.

Well, I am just one lad in a world full of people who are wronged every day. If they can’t get justice, than its needless for me to try. This mentality of giving up before ever taking the challenge is growing strong in our citizens. It’s a jackpot for those who prey on the innocent. It is one of the top reasons why we shy away from lodging an official complaint.

We fear interrogation

Not every interrogation begins with 3rd degree.

Mostly rumors and some real stories are circulating among our youth regarding unfair treatment of people who file complaints. Usually in our system, the victim is considered the first suspect. The psychology that ensues is to make sure that every crime report is genuine and not a wrong accusation. We must realize that not every interrogation begins with 3rd degree.

We believe in untested assumptions

Police is not the accomplice of a crime.

When it comes to the police and law enforcement agencies, all we hear is bad news and stories of incomprehensible corruption to an extent that we believe it cannot be fixed. All pre-conceived notions are never tested. We believe them to be true without ever verifying them. Police is not the accomplice of a crime. They could be sluggish, callously pretentious or portray themselves as the master of the town but they are not protecting criminals. Never let this false notion drive you to despair.

What happens when you don’t report a crime?

If a crime goes unnoticed, there will be no security measures to protect other citizens who are still at risk. Our inaction to report a crime can cost someone else much more than just a theft of belongings.

Our inaction can cost someone their lives. Besides, reporting these incidents can give a valid statistical figure that mounts pressure on police force in different zones.

Some more preaching..

The reason why we have so many incidents is also due to our own sluggishness. Most of us do not report the crime because we believe its no use. Our frequent comments are We are not going to get it back anyways. The police will keep it even if they recover it. Those are all perceptions and assumptions that we have learnt to have strong faith in. But it’s high time we break stereotypes and at least do what’s our responsibility. We cannot always get away with no-body-cares-so-why-should-I attitude.

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