10 hilarious Eid memes every Pakistani can relate to

10 hilarious Eid memes every Pakistani can relate to


From sighting the moon to our tailor woes, Eid in Pakistan comes with its fare share of dilemmas.

However, there are moments of joy as well. And these memes perfectly capture what most of us go through/feel on this most important day of the year.

1. The one person who never fails to surprise us


2. That awesome moment when Mufti Muneeb announces it’s Eid!

3. It’s time to go on a hugging spree

4. And you can’t say no to Abba

5. That time of the year when you have your parents’ back when it comes to money

6. But then you are left disappointed…Why, oh why?

7. Brace yourself… those Eid selfies are coming

8. Did someone say biryani?

9. Eidiiii!

10. There’s no such thing as no strings attached

Eid Mubarak, guys!

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