4 ways in which the voice assistants will revolutionize our day to day

4 ways in which the voice assistants will revolutionize our day to day


Personal voice assistants are present in more and more homes.

They are devices that use voice interfaces for a large number of services, such as playing music, searching for news or turning on the light.

The experts in the world of technology predict that our lives will change radically due to the use of this tool.

Here we explain why.

1. Personal voice aides will be in more and more homes

Personal voice aides will be in more and more homes, predicts technology expert Bernard May in Forbes magazine .

66% of consumers who already have a voice assistant at home use less and less their mobile phones, according to an Accenture report.

The report prepared by the company providing technological services states that the forecasts for the sale of digital voice assistants in 2018 double those of the previous year.

In addition, a large majority of current users (94%) are satisfied or very satisfied with the acquisition of the voice assistant.

In Australia, for example, Amazon has partnered with an Australian real estate developer to build ‘digitized’ apartments with a voice assistant. This means that 1,205 apartments in Melbourne will already be equipped with Alexa and Echo Plus.

Photo of Amazon predicts that companies will place Echo speakers in their buildings to answer queries
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Image caption Amazon predicts that companies will place Echo speakers in their buildings to answer queries

2. ambiará the way in which we consume

According to a survey conducted in 2017 in the United States, 29% of online shoppers use a voice-controlled interface, while 41% plan to do so in the future.

70% of owners of smart home devices already buy by voice.

In addition, Google states that 20% of mobile search queries sent through your application are already done by voice.

ComsCore estimates that in 2020 30% of searches by Google will be made without using the screen.

Forbes magazine also states that voice assistants will also offer us more and more suggestions based on our purchase history. For example, do you want to buy a cologne boat of that brand that you liked so much the last time?

Personal voice assistants will learn what and where we buy and anticipate our needs.

3. The strategy of many businesses

Photo of woman in store
Image caption Capgemini predicts that fewer people will go to stores and more will buy by voice.

According to a report prepared by the consultancy Capgemini in 2018, a quarter (24%) of online shoppers surveyed said they would prefer to use voice aids rather than mobile applications or even physical stores.

The consultancy expects this figure to increase to 40% in three years.

This means that stores and businesses will have to change their strategy to attract customers.

A key challenge will be to ensure that voice assistants choose their products and not those of a competitor.

For shops and businesses, it will be very important to understand what criteria a voice assistant uses when recommending products to their owner.

4. We can talk with our appliances

Everyday household items like refrigerators and washing machines will also have their own voice, Forbes magazine predicts .

Amazon wants to take Alexa to more devices.

In fact, he already plans to integrate voice assistance in smart watches and headphones.

Photo of household appliances
Image captionbWould you like to talk with your appliances?

The company has also announced that it is developing tools to incorporate Alexa into microwaves.

The idea is that in the future you can tell the microwave what to do without having to get up from your seat.

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