Best mehndi application spots: Sheer Mehndi magicians in K-Town –  Have a look!

Best mehndi application spots: Sheer Mehndi magicians in K-Town – Have a look!


Eid’s celebration is incomplete without mehndi for ladies! Most females, regardless of their age have infinite and definite love for henna – The intricate patterns of curls and curves, plus the luscious scent smells heavenly too.

Eid is here, an inevitable hunt commences for some of the best mehndi artists in town. Girls long to decorate their hands with the most intricate designs that sport the deepest tone of red or maybe black?

In the spirit of the joyous occasion, we have located the top five mehndi parlors in Karachi you can visit on Chaand raat for henna application. You can even get yourself an appointment in advance just to make sure these salons are not booked away quickly.

1) Uroos Mehndi

Location: M-1, Block c/20, Rehmat Saba Terrace, Near Habib Metropolitan Bank Commercial Area Bahadurabad

Contact No.: 03002317824, 03002295501

Established since 1982, Uroos tops the list being one of the most recognized Mehndi salon, Uroos for being the go-to choice for ‘bareek’ / intricate henna application of many Karachiites.

Established since 1982, Uroos Mehndi is considered unparalleled in his field. Most of their work is a fusion of traditional Pakistani, Indian and Arabic elements with a contemporary twist.

The clients always give rave reviews about creativity and elaborate designs of their henna art. So unique and class, you too will totally be in awe of their mehndi designs!




2) Hinaj Henna Artist

Location: E-2 Ishrat Plaza, Qurtuba Market,Bahadurabad

Contact No.: 03002317459, 03218921027

Reaping quite a reputation with various appearances in Pakistan’s morning shows, Hinaj became the most sought-after henna artist in the metropolis.

Specializing more in bridal mehndi, the parlors exquisite henna artwork and neat embroidery-like styles truly stands out from the crowd. What is more, it is even easy on the budget!



3) Kashee’s

Location: Plot # 178/A Block-2, Najeeb Corner, Tariq Road, Karachi. DHA Branch Address: Plot#13/C Stadium lane 2, Phase-V DHA, Karachi.

Contact No.:  DHA Branch 021-35240851-2, Tariq Road Branch 021-3-4553381, 021-3-4396051, 021-3-4306768

While Kashee’s salon is famous for its bridal make-up, the parlor is also all the rage for its mehndi skills.

Their sketches and application techniques are different from that of Uroos Mehndi and their henna artists are worldwide experts in complex Indian, Arabic and hybrid designs.

Witness the sheer talent of Kashee’s mehndi magicians yourself by paying a visit this Eid!



4) Rose Beauty Parlor

Location: Gulshan e Iqbal Branch- A 570, Block 3, Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi

Nazimabad Branch – 7/6, 2A, Adjacent Al Khidmat Hospital, Nazimabad number 2, Karachi

Defence Branch- 25 C, Third Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase 5, Defence DHA, Karachi

Contact No.:  Gulshan e Iqbal Branch-021-34977970, Nazimabad Branch – 021-36707479, Defence Branch-021-35833929

If you are looking for really heavy and extensive henna patterns on arms, hands and feet; then your Rose Beauty Parlor is your place to go this Eid.

Their mehndi masters have a high level of artistry for densely decorated henna designs and are said to use top quality cones that shed an intense orange hue.



5) Mahrose Beauty Parlor

Location: Gulistan-e-Jauhar Branch- A-158, Long Life Bungalow, Block-17, Tariq Road Branch- 172-Y/2, PECHS, Karachi

Contact No.: Gulistan-e-Jauhar Branch-  021-34612747, Tariq Road Branch- 021-34314498

Yet another popular place for hosting some of the best henna artists in the city is Mahrose Beauty Parlor.

The salon takes pride in its stunning mehndi motifs and make sure that they leave their customers satisfied as per the designs they want.



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