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Pakistan’s National IT Seminar Promotes Technological Revolution in the Country


Pakistan National IT Seminar is taking place today, 20th July 2023 in Islamabad Serena Hotel. This is a great step towards the technological revolution of the country. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Masood Khan, mentioned that Pakistan is mainly driven by its young people and their innovative and entrepreneurial abilities. He discussed the positive impact of this revolution on the country’s future, as US venture capital firms are increasingly supporting Pakistani start-ups and contributing to regional growth. He also praised the National Incubation Center for its role in boosting youth employability and providing them with practical skills. Furthermore, he highlighted the substantial bilateral trade between Pakistan and the US in the IT and tech sector, with significant investments being made by US firms in Pakistan’s IT and services industry.

National Incubation Centers

  • NICs are Pakistan’s largest incubation network with an annual incubation capacity of at least 250 startups
  • So far, Ignite has established eight (8) National Incubation Centers (NICs) in Islamabad, Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, and Hyderabad including, two specialized incubators in Faisalabad (for agri-tech) and Rawalpindi (for aerospace technologies).
  • Over the last 5 years, these NICs have incubated more than 1300 startups, out of which more than 650 startups have graduated so far
  • These startups have created more than 126,000 jobs, raised investments of Rs. 22 billion, and generated a cumulative revenue of Rs. 13.85 billion over the past 5-6 years; more than 2,300 women have been empowered through this program.
  • Some promising startups hosted by these NICs have raised significant investments including BYKEA (USD 29 million), PakVitae (USD 17 million), MyTM (USD 7 million), Integry (USD 4 million), Vceela (USD 2 million), DigiKhata (USD 2 million), and Ezbike (USD 1 million).

National Incubation Center Hyderabad

  • National Incubation Center Hyderabad is an Envisioned, Designed, and Funded by the Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom and Ignite created to catalyze Sindh and Pakistan’s economic development.
  • We incubate the most ambitious founders through our programs, propelled by a highly-trusted mentor-driven community, and backed by the best tech enablers in the region.
  • Created to change the face of entrepreneurship in Sindh, NIC Hyderabad is the second incubation centre in Sindh after Karachi.
  • The Facility incubates tech and tech-enabled startups from a variety of industries including, education, agriculture, commerce, waste disposal, and robotics
  • NIC Hyderabad’s dedicated tech team helps startups build amazing products from idea to launch, provides access to the who’s who of startup eco-system, and partnerships with some of Pakistan’s leading brands.
  • The Center offers various programs and opportunities to empower talented entrepreneurs and promising startups from the Sindh region with quality incubation programs; access to mentor and investor networks; and technical resources to help create high-growth and sustainable businesses.

National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies

  • National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies presents a dynamic ecosystem that fosters innovation, propels research, and fuels the growth of groundbreaking ventures in the field of aerospace technologies.
  • National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies is dedicated to revolutionizing the aerospace industry by nurturing and supporting the brightest minds and disruptive ideas.

STPs IN GB: Software Tech Park serves as a bridge between academia and the IT industry. STPs in GB are established by SCO. Due to non availability of such high-tech facilities, the brilliant brains of GB were forced to move out to other areas of the country or overseas.

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