Daraz reduces processing time and increases capacity by 4X with DIM weight solution


Karachi: Daraz works towards reducing processing time and delivery times with DIM weight solution as e-commerce experiences rapid growth and high demand. To keep up with the competition, online shopping platforms are continuously moving towards technological innovation to reduce processing time and increase efficiency for an improved customer experience.

High processing time and lead times are two key pain points for the e-commerce industry faced by local and global giants and one cutting-edge solution adopted by Alibaba group companies including Lazada and now Daraz is the DIM weight solution.

DIM weight is used ever since logistics companies realized that packaging has increasingly become inefficient with more air and waste material inside the box. With the rise of e-commerce, many packages are being shipped with lots of empty space in them leading to extra space being taken up. This has a direct impact on the shipping trucks and they are nowhere near their weight capacity hence largely missing out on getting value for their asset, which is space in delivery vans.

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