Mobilink Microfinance Bank builds partnerships for Community Uplift


MMBL has partnered with Saylani Welfare International Trust, Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), and Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International

Karachi, April 23, 2021: Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited has signed four (4) Memorandums of Understanding with key social welfare organizations across Pakistan to foster efficient donations/ ZAKAT collections and aid in their respective disbursements.

During a recent ceremony in Karachi, MMBL has partnered with Saylani Welfare International Trust, Health and Nutrition Development Society (HANDS), and Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International. The partnerships will utilize deploying branchless banking solutions for enabling these organizations to financially empowering their beneficiaries through faster disbursements via their digital JazzCash wallets.


In line with its commitment towards promoting financial inclusion for all, MMBL, the largest digital bank of Pakistan, is employing innovative digital practices to provide convenient solutions for faster transactions. The bank is constantly striving to serve its customers and shareholders better every day through the deployment of digital offerings that are aimed at empowering every Pakistani, at the core.


Speaking at the ceremony, Ghazanfar Azzam–CEO, MMBL said, “We are humbled to be chosen to partner with all these welfare organizations, aimed at benefiting the ones in need. Their work in uplifting the vulnerable communities in Pakistan is commendable. Being the largest digital bank in Pakistan, it is only fitting for us to be providing a digital platform for our consumers to become a part of the work being done by Saylani Welfare International Trust, Health and Nutrition Development Society, and Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International. We look forward to a prolific and sustained partnership.”


Syed Sarim Burney—Chairman, Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International said, “Our partnership with MMBL would serve as a turning point for broadening our services portfolio as it will help our donors in performing swift digital donations. Our account with JazzCash will not only facilitate people contribute in multiple denominations from Pakistan but also globally.”


Noaman Abdul Majid– Board Member, Saylani Welfare International Trust stated, “Saylani Trust is one of the largest welfare organizations in Pakistan, providing food and clean water supply to over 300,000 people daily. Moreover, we are giving IT training services to deserving students and facilitating free healthcare provision to over 800,000 people across Pakistan. JazzCash payments will serve as a great enabler for strengthening our operations further.”


Alongside these, MMBL has also partnered with Food Papa Private Limited and aims at strengthening these partnerships further for the benefit of the masses.

About MMBL

MMBL is Pakistan’s largest digital bank with over 31 million registered users including 12 million active digital wallets. MMBL is a leading player in lending to small and medium-sized enterprises with over 700,000 traditional individual and micro-enterprise loans disbursed, alongside more than 6,700,000 digital nano loans disbursed till March 2021. MMBL is currently operating through 100 branches and a nationwide network of over 115,000 retail agents. MMBL was recently recognized as “Digital Microfinance Bank of the Year” by CFA Society Pakistan and also won a CSR award in the category of “Diversity & Inclusion Leader” by The Professionals Network. It is the only microfinance bank that was recognized by PACRA recently, as maintaining a ‘Stable Outlook’ and additionally, was not listed on the agency’s Watchlist. Further, the Institute of Bankers Pakistan has also recognized MMBL as the “Bank of the Unbanked” in recent years.

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