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The No Friends Corporation was founded in 1997 by a group of young entrepreneurs who felt they could bring a refreshing boost to the action sports market. They started with less than $9,000 in capital, and made a make shift office in 20 year old Ross McBride’s mom’s garage in Camarillo, California. They weren’t sure what they were getting into until it changed their lives when the sales of their first video pushed 10,000 units sold in less than 12 months. From that day on it’s been a wild ride to get to where they are today but hard work, confidence, and a supportive customer base has forced No Friends into becoming a legitimate business. Something that the owners never thought would happen in this lifetime.
Today, No Friends is found in 21 countries worldwide and continues to lay the foundation of customers that will help drive the brand to become one of the world’s largest and diverse media based companies. With the help of No Friends customers we have been able to specialize in a diverse array or products and services such as ground breaking web presence through our website and online store with thousands of items in stock, innovative clothing for all action sports, and video production.
Now with dedicated employees supporting one of the most recognized and respected brands in the action sports industry it’s our quest to deliver the products and services with complete customer satisfaction.
The Big 3 theory is what this company is based off. Customer Service, Quality Products=Constant Growth. This philosophy propelled us to success in the action sports industry and we would like to share it with you.
Customer Service: The No Friends philosophy is to provide customer service 24/7. We built our business on prompt service and informed responses to all customer inquiries.
Quality Products: Our staff uses and tests all the products we manufacture and sell online. That means if we won’t ride it or use it, you won’t find it on our site. We carry the top recognized brands in the industry and stock a wide array of colors and sizes.
Constant Growth: No Friends is a fast growing company committed to firmly establishing our presence both on the Internet and in retail stores across the globe. The next generation in business is gaining momentum and control 1 day at a time as you can see, with your help and support, growth is our only option.
As No Friends gains momentum and the demand grows, so will our support to the customer who represented us from day one.
Good times Ahead,
No Friends Inc.

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